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May 26 – June 4

May 26, 2015 (Tuesday)  Finish direct instruction of chapter 1 (26-35) then finish chapter 2 practice questions

May 27, 2015 (Wednesday) Direct instruction of chapter 2 practice questions then begin chapter 3 practice questions

May 28, 2015 (Thursday) Finish chapter 3 practice questions

May 29, 2015 Direct instruction of chapter 3 practice questions then start chapter 4 practice questions

June 1, 201 (Monday) finish chapter 4 practice questions (25 minutes) then direct instruction of chapter 4

June 2, 2015 (Tuesday) End of Year Exam

June 3, 2015 (Wednesday) End of Year Exam

June 4, 2015 (Thursday) End of Year Exam Make ups

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May 15, 2015


–Individuals Frayer: “The Sun” (p. 81) – Photosphere, chromosphere, corona, albedo, ozone, proton, electron, plasma, ionosphere, ion, aurora, (11 words)

*due Monday


–Senior Field Day

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May 14, 2015


–Whole Group (last assigns the next reader) read guided note-taking worksheet.

–Individualsà Small Groupsà whole group: “What Do You See?” (p. 496)

–Individuals: Think About It (p. 496)-What are some ways of learning about the distance to the water surface, the depth of the water, & the water temperature without actually touching the water?


–Whole Group watch: Why is biodiversity so important? – Kim Preshoff


–Individuals: Complete “What is Biodiversity” Frayers- biodiversity, gene, keystone species, ecotourism


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