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AUGUST 16, 2016

Warm Up: Choose & answer 3 of the 7 questions. Be sure to write your answer in a complete sentence so the reader knows which questions you have answered.

Example: 4. I can run faster than most women my age.

Please add today’s responses to the paper you used for yesterday’s warm ups. If you were not here yesterday start on a fresh sheet of paper.

  1. What are three things you are good at? 2. What do you like most about your family? 3. What do your friends like about you? 4. What do you think you can do better than almost anyone else your age? 5. What do you dream about doing one day? 6. What is something you have already done that makes you feel really good? 7. What is one thing you are planning to change about yourself so you will be even better?

à Introduce yourself to your shoulder partner; shake hands & tell them your name. Then, share your answers with your shoulder partner


–Individuals: continue working on “Me Frayer” (10-15 minutes?)

*due tomorrow


–Whole group: (Essential Question) – Why is lab safety important? What are the essential steps of being safe during a laboratory experiment or activity? A small groups a whole group  (12 mins.)

*distribute lab safety rules/contract (all in one this yearL) while students are writing a response to EQ


–Whole Group: Watch Laboratory Safety Challenge (12:55)à Individuals- during the video students will carefully evaluate the safety aspects of the presentation paying special attention to lab attire and laboratory technique. Students will make a list of all safety concerns. à Small groups- share lists then, create a list of common-sense safety rules (3-4 minutes to create list; there were 20 mistakes/wrongs lab attire in the video).



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