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December 3, 2015


–Whole Group: Video Bill Nye The Science Guy: Energy & Gravity with guided notes


Warm Up: A species that plays a major role in determining the structure of its ecological community is?

If you find a brightly colored insect resting on a leaf, it is most likely to be___________.

A keystone species; poisonous or distasteful.


–Whole group: discuss # 8 & short answer questions from “Examining the Stages in Ecological Succession”


–Small groups: Concept Maps: Population density, population size, population distribution, carrying capacity, growth models, metapopulations, competition, predation, mutualism, commensalism, community ecology, resource portioning, true predators, herbivores, parasites, parasitoids, keystone species, ecosystem engineers, ecological succession, pioneer species, aquatic succession, species richness

*Small groups share finished concept maps with whole groups




Author: lhslculver

Earth Science teacher at Lakeland High School.

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