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November 20, 2015


Warm Up: Get your paper ready for today’s quiz. Write your name, today’s date & class period in the upper right hand corner of your paper; & title the paper “-The Impact Events and the Earth System (Week 13)”. Then, sit quietly.


–Individuals-Quiz: The Impact Events and the Earth System (Week 13)—


–Newsela Article—”Fact or Fiction?: The Sixth Mass Extinction Can Be Stopped”–


Rabbits were introduced to Australia about 100 years ago for the purpose of hunting.  They have been multiplying, eating up the native vegetation, and destroying the native habitat of other small animals, ever since.  In the 1950’s, in order to control the rabbit population, government scientists released the myxomatosis virus.  The virus, which dramatically reduced the rabbit population, is an example of ____________________.


–Small Groups: Modeling Exponential Growth


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Earth Science teacher at Lakeland High School.

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