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November 19, 2015

Earth Science:

–Whole group: video Discovery Channel – Large Asteroid Impact Simulation (4:46)



Start vocabulary for this section (Word-definition-picture): solar wind, meteoroid, meteor, meteorite, chondrite (5 words; p. 73 & 74).

You have 25 minutes to work on vocabulary. Vocab graphic organizers will be graded tomorrow.

–Partners: Read “Asteroids & Comets” (p. 71-74)



A laboratory experiment followed the growth of a flour beetle (Tribolium sp.) population over time.  At first the population increased dramatically but later growth slowed and the population size leveled off. While food (the wheat flour in which they live) was abundant, it was noticed that flour beetles resorted to eating their own eggs when densities got high. What can we conclude about cannibalism in this species?


–Small Groups: Modeling Exponential Growth


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Earth Science teacher at Lakeland High School.

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