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November 2, 2015


–Warm Up: Why is there a danger that a large asteroid might strike Earth at some time in the future?

–Partners:  “Understanding & Applying”(p. 48) à small groupà whole group

*Grade vocabulary

**You will need your moon calendar tomorrow. Make sure that it is completely filled out.


Galapagos III: Home groups share information with teammates & develop a list of “demands” or a list of their concerns that they will present to the representatives of the other groups when they meet to negotiate a settlement over the future of the Galapagos. *they should have a list of non-negotiable items that must be part of the settlement.

Negotiating teams are led by a politician that will chair the group (chairperson is in charge & keeps order); it is the chairs responsibility to negotiate a fair and just settlement that all interest groups will find acceptable. The other members of the negotiating team a fisherman, tourist representative, storeowner, & conservationist.

The politicians must write up a summary report giving the particulars of their settlement. *report will be graded & each member of the negotiating team receives the same grade.

What about Kate?


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