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August 24, 2015

Earth Science:

Ice Breaker: Guess Who:

Students become detectives in this get-acquainted game, in which they uncover the real identity of a fellow classmate. Give each student an index card and ask them to each record four clues about themselves. At the bottom of their cards, they should sign secret code names, such as Art or Skippy. Gather up the cards and, later on, hand them out randomly. Challenge everyone to find the student who matches the clues on his or her card. In this brain-boosting activity, students move from classmate to classmate asking questions to learn the identity behind the code name. The catch? They must avoid using any of the words on the clue card!

–Discuss: Polk County Schools Code of Conduct (Have students mark: False information p. 38, Rights & Responsibilities p. 4, Abusive Language p. 28 & p. 32)  & Earth Science syllabus –Partners read through syllabus *explain that the syllabus will stay in his/her binder *Syllabus due Wednesday for a grade


Warm Up: Name Tentsà introductions (start with teacher)

–Individuals: Opinion Statements (Activity 19 * Viewpoints on the Line)

–Intro to Apes Handout

à questions for teacher

— “Another Way to Die” (4:14) Video and Discussion

 –Distribute Lab Safety Contracts


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Earth Science teacher at Lakeland High School.

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