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May 11, 2015

Earth Science:

–Warm Up: “What Do You See” (p. 484)

–Think About It: How do you think Earth’s climate would change if there were no surface currents?

–Partners: Investigate (p. 484): “Part A Mapping Surface Currents”

& “Part B: Tracing Wind & Surface Ocean Currents”


–Individuals; “Studying Human population” crosswordà open note quiz:

  1. What factors have led to an increased life expectancy?
  2. Why does a decline in birth rate take several generations to have an effect on a population?

–Small Groups—Whole Group (Hook): What would happen if the population in Lakeland doubled but the number of schools, roads, stores, and, houses remained the same? Describe the changes that would take place.

–Individuals: Frayer Models: Infrastructure, arable land, urbanization, least developed countries (p. 22


Author: lhslculver

Earth Science teacher at Lakeland High School.

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