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April 16, 2015,


–Partners ReadU.S. and China in joint effort to fight climate changehttps://www.newsela.com/articles/us-climatechange/id/5983/


It’s getting harder for polar bears to act naturally“ https://www.newsela.com/articles/polarbears-environment/id/7699/


àpartnersàsmall group: completing a synthesizing graphing organizer for U.S. and China in joint effort to fight climate change & taking a quiz for Scientists call 2014 warmest year ever


–Individuals: Create Frayer Models- Cellular respiration, Dead Zone, Dissolved Oxygen, Eutrophication, Hypoxia, Photosynthesis, Phytoplankton, ppm & mg/L, Runnoff, Tributary, Watershed


Author: lhslculver

Earth Science teacher at Lakeland High School.

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