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March 20, 2015


Warm Up: Compare your investigate (p. 593) within your small group.

Whole Group: Q & A

Individuals: Investigate Quiz:

-Which three states reported the most hurricanes?

-What area of Florida has the highest % of major hurricanes?

-What was the name of the hurricane that made landfall on the Louisiana- Mississippi border that you tracked in part B of the Investigate (1b)?

-From Part A, question 4c, during which month do the most hurricanes occur?

-What percentage of hurricanes in the United States (TX-ME) are major hurricanes?

Individuals: Frayer Models-Tropical cyclone, tropical depression, tropical storm, hurricane, eye (of a hurricane), eye wall, storm surge


Partners: “Fish as Fertilizer” –case study with questions & jigsaw activity (p. 1-3)

–Individuals: Create a diagram that illustrates the life cycle of salmon.


Author: lhslculver

Earth Science teacher at Lakeland High School.

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