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December 19, 2014


–Warm Up: No Warm Up.

–Individuals: Create a crossword puzzle using clues/hints of section 1-3’s ‘geo words’:

Section 1: Convection, orographic, front, & water vapor Section 2: air pressure, vaporize, condensation nuclei, troposphere, stratosphere, tropopause, gust front, down burst Section 3: squall line, mesoscale convective complex, & supercell
*Students must write clues/hints NOT definitions

**DUE Monday, January 5, 2015


–Warm Up: No Warm Up

à Individuals: complete Think Globally, Act Locally site study handout & Observations: Connections Among Components *Use pictures taken from lake Bonny

–“Predicting Consequences Change No. 1: Rain Storm”



December 18, 2014


–Warm Up: No warm up

–Project groups: continue working on Chapter mini Challenge (p. 562 & 563)

–Project Groups: Present what you have completed so far including a list of missing information.

*Receive feedback from classmates on what you have done well and what you can improve upon.


–Warm Up: 1: Name something from each of the four spheres of the Earth system (pedosphere, hydrosphere, biosphere, atmosphere) that you interact with every day.

2: How do those things impact your life?

à Individuals: complete Think Globally, Act Locally site study handout & Observations: Connections Among Components *Use pictures taken from lake Bonny

December 17, 2014


–Warm Up: Read pages 562 & 563. Write a list of questions that you have concerning the project. When everyone is done reading, we will discuss all questions regarding the Chapter Mini-Challenge.

*When you are finished reading turn to page 534 in your book & sit quietly.

–Whole Group: Read pages 534 & 535à add questions to your list & cross off questions that were answered from reading pages 534 & 535. à Project groups: discuss each person’s questions concerning the project. Answer each other’s questions & compile a list of questions to ask Ms. Culver.

–Whole group: Chapter 6 Mini-Challenge Q & A

–Small groups: work on Chapter Mini-Challenge; if you did not write a goal at the beginning of the Chapter Challenge, write one now.

*determine group roles: Leader, recorder, & presenter

Environmental Science:

–Warm Up: No Warm Up

–Field Study of Lake Bonny

à Individuals; complete Think Globally, Act Locally site study handout & Observations: Connections Among Components

December 16, 2014


–Warm Up: Get your paper ready for the quiz. Title the paper “Quiz How Radar Works”. There are 13 questions. Be sure to write your name, today’s date, & class period in the upper right hand corner of your paper.

–Quiz: “How Radar Works”

–Finish “How Radar Works” Icon

*Icons due tomorrow


–Warm Up: No Warm Up

–Whole group: Saving Planet Earth: Documentary on the Science behind Saving the Earth’s Environment

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vB2qY14v2BQ (45:11 mins.)


December 15, 2014


–Warm Up: Last Word Synopsis: Radar. Write the word Radar vertically on your paper. Then write two to three sentences about how radar works from each letter. The first words of each sentence should begin with the corresponding letter in the word radar.

 –Individuals: Design a “How Radar Works” Icon

Quiz tomorrow!


–Warm Up: Twenty Questions-Display an initial clue about the topic or key concept from the upcoming lesson. Tell students that they may ask “twenty questions” which require a yes/no response in order to figure out what that topic/concept might be.

–Intro To Earth Systems PowerPoint with slide notes.

December 12, 2014


–Warm Up: How are a MCC & and a squall line the same? How are they different?

–IndividualsàPartner: U& A (p. 561)

–Whole group: Compare U&A answers with the teacher’s answer

–Individuals: Think About It Again (T.A.I.A.) p. 561

How can you predict how long a thunderstorm will last? How do you know when the danger of severe weather has passed?


–Warm Up: No Warm Up

Quiz: “The Importance of the Individual”

Finish T-shirts

December 11, 2014


–Warm Up: Describe a mesoscale convective complex be sure to include at least 3 characteristics.

–Individuals: Finish reading or REREAD: p. 558-560 “How Radar Works” taking three column cotes (topic/summary/picture-detail) -10 minutes

–Whole Group: compare notes with teacher’s notes

–Individualsà small groupà whole group: Checking Up: p. 560


 –Warm Up: No Warm Up

–Design a T-Shirt about “The Importance of the Individual” concerning the environment.