Louise Culver's Science Classes

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November 20 & 21, 2014


–Warm Up: In three sentences, describe each stage of a thunderstorm.

–Think About It- What cause towering rain clouds to form? What causes such clouds to move from place to place? (p. 553)

–Small Groups: “Reflecting on the Section and the Challenge”

–IndividualsàPartners: U&A 1-

8 p. 554

–Whole group: Compare answers to the U&A with teachers answer.

–Individuals: “A Thunderstorm Matures” quiz review

Quiz on Monday December 1!


–Warm Up: City of Lakeland officials are entertaining a proposition from a nuclear power plant company Neucleoelectro to build a plant in Lakeland. The company is offering a deep discount to Lakeland residence in return for being permitted to operate within the city. The city council is having a town hall meeting over the issue to hear comments from Lakeland residents. You are going to the meeting. How will you encourage your councilmen to vote? Answer in the A-R-E Model (Assertion (something is so)-Reason (because)-Evidence/Examples (back it up with facts)

–Whole Group:  The Chernobyl Disaster –Read the last section in a desk arranged in a circle. Teacher will stop to model thinking and decoding strategies. Then, partners will answer questions.


November 13, 2014

Earth Science:

–Warm Up: What characteristics would you observe in a cloud capable of producing thunderstorm activity? Write in complete sentences.

–Individuals: Finish reading or reread “How Clouds Form” p. 548-553 (note taking: topic-summary-detail)

–Whole Group: compare reading notes with teacher’s notes.

–IndividualàPartnerà: Checking Up p. 553

–Whole Group: discuss correct answers to C.U. p. 553


No Warm Up

–Partners: The Chernobyl Disaster http://sciencenetlinks.com/lessons/the-chernobyl-disaster/

November 12, 2014


–Warm Up: How are water vapor and water in a cloud the same? How are they different?

—-Whole groupàPartners: Continue reading “How Clouds Form” p. 550-553

Taking three column notes (topic/main idea-summary-pix &/or details).


–Warm Up: Fifty years from now, after the restrictions are lifted from the foods affected by the Chernobyl radiation exposure, would you eat the food? Explain your answer (assertion: something is so-reason: because…-Evidence/examples)

–Partners: The Chernobyl Disaster http://sciencenetlinks.com/lessons/the-chernobyl-disaster/