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March 31, 2014

–Warm Up: Draw a diagram of the Sun-Earth-Moon system. Use arrows to show the direction of the revolutions & rotations of both the Earth and the moon. And, use dotted lines to represent the shape of the orbital paths of both the Earth and the moon.
–Small groups: Compare Investigates- Part C: Tides & Lunar Phases & Part D:Tidal Forces and the Earth System Q & A
Whole Group: Review T.A.I.
What do you think happened to make the moon look the way that it does? What is the origin of the Moon? In what ways does the Moon affect Earth?
–watch: Moon Phases http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LaqrQyTm9B4 Taking notes that will help answer the T.A.I. questions—Small groups compare notes.

March 21, 2014

–Warm Up: No Warm
–Individuals: Finish Investigate-Part C: Tides & Lunar Phases, AND Part D: Tidal Forces and the Earth System (p.53)
–Vocabulary Graphics: law of gravitation, Newton’s first law of motion, inertia, accretion, tide, spring tide, neap tide, eclipse, lunar eclipse, solar eclipse

March 18, 2014

Warm Up: No Warm Up
–Individuals: Orbit Effects Error Analysis For each question write:
Where the correct answer can be found (in either book, Digging Deeper, the Investigate, Checking Up questions, or Understanding and Applying lecture, or video clip). When applicable, include the page. Answer the question in words (not letter choice. Write an explanation as to why the answer is correct. Draw a diagram that illustrates the main concept for each question.

March 14, 2014

–No Warm up
–Individuals plan a response for the Think About it Again p. 48.
What is the shape of Earth’s orbit of the Sun? How might a change in the shape of Earth’s orbit or its axis of rotation affect weather and climate? Students have 15 minutes to plan with the book open.
–Individuals: Write a response to the T. A. I. A.; due at the end of class.

Do not forget to record the moon phases each night for the next 27 days.