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October 31, 2013

–Warm Up: Charlie wanted to find out if temperature of water would affect the amount of time it takes to freeze.  He poured 200ml of different temperatures of water and poured them each into the same type of plastic ice tray.  He placed them in the same freezer at the same time and recorded the time it took to freeze the water.

1. What is the independent variable?

2. What is the dependent variable?

3. What are the controlled variables?

–Small Groups-Compare: Travel Time of Lahars Graphs and questions (p. 213-214 SE)

–Preview vocabulary & Checking Up questions (214-216)

–Reading groups:  p 214-216

Think aloud and discuss ways to remember important details as we read.

Discuss Checking Up Questions (p216)

–Create a graphic organizer for important information (refer to the Think About It (p. 212): “How do volcanoes affect the biosphere?”

October 30, 2013

–Warm Up: Lane and Emmersyn tested electromagnets to see if the brand of the battery would make the magnet stronger. They selected six steel nails of the same size to make the magnets. Using the same size insulated wire, they put 50 turns around each nail. Then, each nail was hooked to a different brand of D cell battery. The strength of the magnet was tested by counting the number of paper clips that could be picked up by the electromagnet.
1. What is the dependent variable (D.V.)? 2. What is the Independent variable (I.V.)? 3. What does the experimenter measure to determine which battery worked best?
–Collect Lab Reports: Area of a Lava Flow
–Individuals complete: Part B: Travel Time of Lahars (p. 213 SE; 457 TE)

October 29, 2013

Warm Up: Write a paragraph to explain the difference between fair and unfair expectations of friends? Should a friend expect another friend to give up other friendships? Should a friend “cover for” another friend who is involved in activities that are unhealthy, harmful, illegal, or against their own self-interest?


Too Good For Drugs and Violence-Inner Act Alliance

October 28, 2013

–Warm Up: Ms. Smith’s class conducted an experiment to determine if temperature affects the dissolving rate of an Alka-Seltzer Gold tablet. They recorded the dissolving time for hot water, room temperature water, and cold water.

1. What is the dependent variable (D.V.)? 2. What is the Independent variable (I.V.)?  3. What is the control?

–Write Area of Lava Flow Lab Report.

October 24, 2013

–Meeting in N130 for lab

–Warm Up: Think About It SE p. 212; TE 454): How do volcanoes affect the biosphere?


Analyze Area of Lava Flow Investigate (p. 212 SE, 454 TE). Identify potential hazards and list safety precautions students must adhere to.

–Review: Experimental Design Grading Rubric

-Put on safety goggles and aprons–. Complete Part A of Area of Lava Flow Investigate