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2nd & 3rd:
-Warm Up: What EFFECTS does the sun have on the Earth? List at least three.
-5 minute study/review
-Quiz: Characteristics of the Atmosphere
-Drawing the Electromagnetic Spectrum

1st, 5th-7th:
-Warm Up:In the mid 1990’s a famous conservative expert claimed that since chlorofluorocarbons are more dense than air, it is not possible for them to be present at high atmospheric elevations (in the ozone layer). Thus, they cannot play a role in the alleged destruction of ozone. Highlight the strengths and weakness of his argument and comment on its overall validity.
-Reading and Note taking with Guided questions for Section 2 (555-560)

Guided Questions:
After reading page 555- Why is it important that Scientist study ALL wavelengths of the electromagnetic spectrum?

After reading page 558 answer the following question:
What is the ‘Greenhouse Effect’ and how does it work? Give specific details.

After reading page 559 answer the following question:
Why is a landmass close to water more likely to have moderate temperatures?
Why are deserts colder at night than other areas are?

After reading page 560 answer the following question:
Explain how fans in a convection oven help cook food more evenly.

Create a concept map using the following words:
Electromagnetic waves
Infrared waves
Greenhouse effect
Ultraviolet waves
Visible light

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Earth Science teacher at Lakeland High School.

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