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Warm up: Summarize the A-R-E Model in your own words.

Bebate: Are we in the experiencing a Mass Extinction?




Warm up: In your own words define mass extinction

YouTube Video: “Madrasah vs American School” debate-Write one thing learned (about debating) & one final thought about the debate


Debating Tutorial: 3 key Components

  1. Public Speaking-Know what you are going to say!
  2. Argumentation-A-R-E model (assertion-reasoning-evidence)
  3. Note taking

Practice note taking activity


Debate tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!

December 19, 2012

Warm up: Read “Teen Smoking. Who is responsible? Then Answer:

1. What kind of symptoms do smokers exhibit?

2. What are some reasons why people smoke?

3. Why do many people think that tobacco companies manipulate kids into smoking?

4. What do tobacco companies say to try to contradict this accusation?

5. Who is responsible for preventing teen smoking?

December 19, 2012

Warm up: Use the following terms to create a concept map: Paleozoic Era, invertebrate, Cambrian Period, Ordovician Period, vertebrate, and Silurian Period.

Preview Quiz: The Mesozoic and Cenozoic Eras

Discuss Debate assignment–> hand out rubric, debate issue analysis form, note taking graphic organizer, and Debate Are Model (Assertion-Reasoning-Evidence)

ARE’s are due Thursday

Begin reading and note taking: pp 221-226 The Mesozoic and Cenozoic Eras


Warm up: Summarize two reasons why little is known about the organisms that lived during Precambrian time>

PowerPoint: Precambrian Time & the Paleozoic Area with guided notes

Quiz:Precambrian Time & the Paleozoic Area



Warm up: Read Connection to Biology: Natural Selection on p. 216 in the orange text book. Then sequence the steps of natural selection as described by Darwin.


Finish Reading and note taking of pp 215-220


Warm up: Distinguish the units of geologic time. Give Examples of each.

Largest Subdivision:                          Examples:

2nd Largest Subdivision:                  Examples:

3rd Largest Subdivision:                   Examples:

4th Largest Subdivision:                   Examples:


Video Clip: The Story of Earth part 3 with 3-2-1 and final thought.

Begin reading and note taking:Precambrian Time and The Paleozoic Era; p 215-220