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Current Event with O.W.L.s

Refine LEQ Illustration (Relationship between Continental Drift and the Theory of Plate Tectonics)

Predict Answers to LEQ (2&3)

Reading with 3 column notes (topic summary detail) p 202-203

draw diagram of oceanic ridges & seafloor spreading

September, 27 2012

C.E.  O.W.L.’s

Illustration that answer LEQ: Relationship b/t the Theory of Plate Tectonics and continental drift

  • Answer’s LEQ
  • Includes 5 specific topics/evidence/ideas
  • Neat and attractive
  • Takes up an entire page
  • Color
  • Planning page/rough draft
  • 1-2 Sentence Explanation (at most)


Current Event with O.W.L.

Hand back work; read exemplars: Theory and Scientific Laws (compare & contrast)

Compare Reading Notes (with teacher)

Analogies (7)- Using Vocabulary (frayers) create 7 analogies

Quiz tomorrow!!! Study frayers and reading notes (plate tectonics pp 192-199)

September 24, 2012

Similarities and differences of a theory and scientific law

Continue reading pp 192-199 with three column notes; topics covered:

plate tectonics, tectonic processes, revolution, jigsaw puzzle, Wegener, Wegener and others, Wegners opponents, continental shelf, fossil match, Mesosaurus, land bridges, present day organisms, Rock types & structures, Ancients climates, Rejecting a hypothesis, The new paradigm, Earth’s Major Plates, lithospheric plate movement, grinding movements, plate boundaries

September 20, 2012

Current Event with O.W.L.s

Grade Frayers: Theory of Plate Tectonics, Continental drift, fault line, convergent boundary,divergent boundary, transform boundary, subduction zone

Reading pp 192-198 with 3column notes (topic-summary-details)